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King of the Jungle

Слоты как King of the Jungle

Experience the world of the jungle in the King of the Jungle

Have you always wanted to dive into the world of the jungle and venture out into the vicinity of hazardous and fascinating animals? Then you are in the right place in "King of the Jungle", the free online slot machine. Put the reels in motion and with a little luck, the jungle will yield a lot of points. But don't overdo it, because you can lose a lot of points as well. Get started now and with a little luck you'll quickly become the king of the jungle.

What is King of the Jungle and how do you play this game?

King of the Jungle is a free online slot game. The aim of the game is to bring the five reels and their three icons each to a halt in the correct constellation. If you succeed, you can fill up your points account. But if you are out of luck, you will lose points. You should thus be careful in the world of the jungle and choose your bets wisely. Of course, you also need a good dose of luck to successfully fend for yourself, but your destiny is in your own hands to a certain degree - namely when it comes to your bet. Before you set the reels in motion, you must first set your bet for each game round. At the bottom left of the game screen, you see two orange buttons. One button lets you change the number of lines that you want to play. Here, you can choose between ten and 30 paylines. Next to it, you can decide on how many points you want to use per spin. The minimum bet is 10, the maximum bet 500 points. You can easily determine both values via the plus and minus buttons. The total bet per spin is calculated as the product of the lines played and points used. As such, you can decide for yourself how much of a risk you want to take during each round. If you are one of the daredevils among the players and like to go all out, you can directly set the highest possible bet at the bottom right of the game screen by clicking on the "Max Bet" icon. This spares you from setting the values of the lines played and points bet via the plus and minus buttons. If you want to play with the same bet for a while, simply pressing the "Auto" button is recommended. Thereby, the next spin is started immediately after the completion of a spin without you having to press the “Start” button again. The bets from the previous round will assumed in this case.

How do you win a game of King of the Jungle?

When the reels come to a stop in such a way that the symbols align on a payline in a certain number and a certain constellation at the end of a spin, you win. Your winnings are displayed to you immediately after the end of the round. You even have the opportunity to increase your winnings by playing a playoff round. In this case, you then have to bet on a red or black hand. If you guess right, you can double your winnings. If you are wrong, everything is lost. If you click on the small blue "i" at the bottom left of the game screen, you can call up a help menu. There, you will learn more about the individual values of the symbols on the reels as well as how you can score free spins.

The Symbols in King of the Jungle

  • Tiger
  • Butterfly
  • Gorilla
  • Baboon
  • Parrot
  • Butterfly
  • Ace
  • King
  • Joker
  • Queen
  • The Number 9
  • The Number 10

The world of the jungle is waiting for you

Do not hesitate and play one or more rounds of the free online slot games "King of the Jungle." Delve into the mysteries of the jungle and make sure that enough points are flowing into your bank account.