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Roman Legion

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Roman Legion - Place Your Trust in the Powerful Roman Legion

The Roman legion was once one of the most powerful in the world and that will become very clear to you once you've played this game. Go on a journey in the world of ancient Rome and march to victory with Rome's famed battalion. You are accompanied by a horseback-riding legionnaire, an eagle, and your personal flag. But gold coins can also bring about a big win. The soldier as a Wild is your lucky charm and the legionnaire will trigger some free games, which can lead to a heck of a lot of winnings. Get ready for a big trip into the world of the ancient Romans.

What is Roman Legion and how do you play it?

Roman Legion is one of the all time classics and disposes of five reels. The slot is played with five fixed win lines and promises you even bigger winnings as a result of that. In the background, a Roman battle is taking place in the shadows of sunset. In general, the slot makes a bit of a mystical impression, which fits perfectly with the theme of the game. But you won't hear any background music. You'll first hear that typical tone of a slot machine once the reels start turning. The minimum bet is 160 Chips per line. That corresponds to a total bet of 800 Chips per spin.

The slot is started with a click of the button to the lower right. Then the reels start to turn and then come to a stop just a little bit later. Every spin can lead to a big win.

How do I win when playing Roman Legion?

You need to get at least two or three of the same symbols (depending on the value of the symbol) to land on one win line. A Wild replaces all symbols other than the Scatter. A win sees the whole screen light up and a short animation of the high symbols is displayed. Should the slot show you a win, then you have the opportunity to play one of two various games of risk.

If you select the card game of risk, you'll be challenged with deciding which card color will show up next, namely red or black? If your guess is right, the sum of your winnings will be doubled. If not, you will have lost the entire bet.

If you choose the ladder of risk, then a gold bar shows up on a ladder. Every rung of this ladder shows a different amount of Chips. The bar will jump all around and come to a stop first when you press on the corresponding symbol. Depending on where the yellow bar ends up, you'll either earn yourself larger winnings or you'll fall down the ladder. You can play this game as long as you'd like - or until your down to zero. Just accept your winnings in order to conclude the ladder of risk.

An additional way to achieve big winnings is to trigger free games. Three tabs on reels 1, 3, and 5 have to show up in order to trigger the legendary free games. What makes the free games so special is that the Wild symbols can become a "sticky wild" with every spin. That means that they remain in the same spot for the remaining games in the round of free games. This in turn sees your chances of winning going up big time!

The Roman Legion Symbols

Fitting for a roman battalion, there are some prime time symbols in Roman Legion. While letters and numbers can lead to an acceptable win, you can rake in some real big winnings with the flags, eagle and gold coins.

Example: 5 win lines and the smallest bet of 160 Chips

• Soldier: Wild (replaces the other symbols, except for Scatter)
• 5x 400 000
• 4x 120 000
• 3x 16 000
• 2x 1600
• Tab: Scatter (free games as of 3 of the same symbols)
• Flag with a rod
• 5x 160 000
• 4x 80 000
• 3x 8000
• 2x 800
• Eagle and gold coins
• 5x 120 000
• 4x 24 000
• 3x 4000
• 2x 800
• A and K
• 5x 24 000
• 4x 6400
• 3x 800
• 9, 10, J, D
• 5x 16 000
• 4x 4000
• 3x 800

Play Roman Legion free of charge

In Roman Legion, you can already achieve some nice winnings right with the minimum bet. If you manage to trigger some free games, your shot at a huge win becomes all that much greater. Get ready to march out with the Roman legion. Set the reels, ready, GO.